fairy tale friday

Hobbit Hole
Hark is this a Hobbit hole?

I met up with my friend Campbell to visit Reid's Used Books in search of books to bring to Rhodes. So many to choose from! There were several copies of pristine 1001 chunksters that I drooled over but I had to settle with stroking their spines and sighing. I couldn't however pass up the 2 Dickins chunksters offered outside, David Copperfield and Nicholas Nickleby £1 each, now that's a bargain. They won't be joining me in Rhodes but I will read them this summer. Campbell chose a copy of E.M. Forster's Maurice and Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. The hunt is still on for a copy of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas.

I have decided that my Rhodes reads will be:
  • Robinson Crusoe . Daniel Defoe
  • Ivanhoe . Sir Walter Scott
  • Howard's End . E.M. Forster
  • The Bell . Iris Murdoch
  • Shadowmarch . Tad Williams

    If I finish them all I will be shocked because we're only going to be gone a little over 3 weeks. And it's not like we're not going to be speaking to one another or busy sightseeing. But variety is always good!


    After coffee and a sticky bun at No. 7 we took a little stroll down Rodney Street to look at William MacKenzie's pyramid. St. Andrew's Churchyard was in bloom, this time with bluebells. Even though the churchyard faces a very public street we couldn't help but think it looked like a secret garden. What with the weeds all over grown, the bluebells, butterflies dancing about, dandelions silently begging someone to pluck them and blow their seeds to the wind. It was quite charming.

    John Moore's University 006Campbell then took me down a side street I've never walked down before and low and behold we did find a sort of secret garden, well not really but we can pretend right? It was really John Moore's University Mount Pleasant campus but it was so quiet and quite beautiful. I've only ever seen the front of it and had no idea this back part existed. There was a gorgeous church complete with spire and stained glass windows. Apparently before it became a university if belonged to the Notre Dame Convent and School. We followed a little trail that brought us to the back of St. Andrew's but unfortunately it was all boarded up so we still couldn't get to it but it felt like we were in a miniature forest. Down one of the other trails we spotted the little arch pictured above covered in bluebells. Now what is that all about? An old statue niche? Perhaps. I can imagine a statue of Mary inside.


    There were even bushes with little red berries. But as we all know from having read fairy tales it's not always a good idea to eat something when you don't know what it is, especially when you're in an enchanted little place like this. We may have fallen into a deep sleep and missed our flight to Rhodes! Or they could have given us super writing powers causing us to write our PhD dissertations in one night! Hmmmm....

    Abercromby SphinxQuite a few people have been posting fabulous pictures of tulips on their blogs. Unfortunately I didn't get over to Abercromby Square in time to snap a photo of the pristine peppermint striped tulips. They're still there they've just completely opened up. But I still think they're gorgeous almost like a completely different flower. I love the little sphinx details of the gate leading into Abercromby Square pictured to the left. All in all it was a good Friday, save for my shopping expedition to ASDA but that's never really any fun. However, I do like walking by Toxteth Cemetery. I would really like to go inside only I will have to have someone with me because it's not a very good area and I don't think the dead will come to my aid. There are more new photos posted on my flickr page which you can access by clicking on photos up at the top. Well the books are calling my name. Ciao!


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    At 3 May 2008 at 16:12, Blogger Danielle said...

    Lovely flowers! I'd love to explore if I lived in a city like that!

    At 25 May 2008 at 15:23, Blogger Jeane said...

    My mother always had bluebells in her garden and I'm very fond of them. So lovely!


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